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Thinking about buying a cargo bike...?

Here are some helpful Lambeth and Southwark resources:


Bicylenation in Herne Hill have a range of cargo bikes and a range of ways of buying them. Pop along and chat to Tamas, who's hugely helpful and very nice.


Peddle My Wheels - this social enterprise runs a try-before-you-buy scheme & often has cargo bikes on offer. If you are a Southwark resident you can also get a discount via the code 'cargostreetsforpeople'


Cycle sprogs blog - this is a brilliant resource on how to pick the best type of bike for your family.


Bikemo - This insurance policy will cover your ebike when it's locked in a bike hanger.

So many of you who came to our Cargos & Croissants or Cargos & Cakes events were excited by the idea of a cargo bike but wondering where you can store them.  We need the council to hear this! Do take a minute to email your local councillor and let them know you want better on street storage for cargo bikes. We need to be able to store them on the kerbside as safely and easily as cars. 

Any more questions about cargo bikes, please get in touch.



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