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Cargos & Cakes - a debrief

We upgraded our October morning croissants for delicious March afternoon cakes and an even

greater variety of cargo bikes last month. The sun soaked Sunray Gardens was this spring's venue for our

cargo bike event, in which parents who own cargo bikes congregate to share their experience

with those considering one for their families. Different models are suitable for different age

ranges and budgets and it was a great chance for parents to see what worked best for them,

their family requirements and chat with daily users.

Local schools

We worked closely with Judith Kerr, a local state school with 50% non-catchment pupils along

with other schools in the Dulwich area. About 30 local families attended the event, coming from

the immediate area as well as Sydenham and Camberwell having heard of the initiative.

Lots of questions

Many attendees were seriously considering taking the plunge into this more sustainable form of

transport for their families and were looking for a high level of detail. Their children

demonstrated a more determined focus on the yummy cakes. Bike enquiries were met by the

enthusiasm of those who brought their cargos with them and passionately extolled their virtues. We've got some other great information if you're thinking about buying a cargo bike here.

Local expertise

It was also terrific to again have the professional expertise of our local Bicycle Nation on hand.

They offer a rent to buy service and now stock Tern following our October event!

One of the main concerns was around storage and secure storage provision is something we

would like to see councils prioritise as these magnificent steeds become more and more


What they said:

Lisa, mum of two, enjoyed the event and told us it ‘tipped her over the edge in purchasing one

for her family’, whilst Audrey, mum of three, said she was often stopped in the street and asked

about her bike and Cargos & Cakes offered her the chance to discuss in more detail without

having to rush.


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