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"Get a grip" Lambeth councillor urges local private schools to tackle Dulwich congestion". Our 2022 election campaigning in Southwark news.

At the 2022 local councillor election hustings in Herne Hill, we asked all the local candidates what they would do to tackle school run traffic resulting from the very high density of non catchment school pupils in Dulwich.

All council candidates responded with their asks, with Cllr Jim Dixon, for Herne Hill & Loughborough junction backing our campaign responding;

”It’s a question of anti-social behaviour because their use of private vehicles is causing a health problem and environmental hazard to residents in the local area."

“It would take a relatively small change in habits to start to make a big level of difference to the congestion we see in peak times.”

You can read the press story from Southwark News here:


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