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Two easy things you can do today, that will reduce school run traffic in Dulwich...

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If you're fed up with the volume of school run traffic in Dulwich and don't know what to do about it, we think we can help. Or perhaps you're a parent fed up with a lack of suitable transport options for the school run? There are two planning applications currently in with Southwark Council that you can comment on, which we think will make a real difference.

Both Dulwich Prep and Jags Pre & Prep School are going through the planning application process. Often transport measures are tied to planning permission, and it's only granted if schools implement some active travel measures, like more bike storage. However, we recently heard that Wandsworth Council insisted that Putney High provided a school bus service for 50 of their pupils before giving them planning permission. More details here.

We think we should push for something similar in Dulwich. Currently the coach provision for primary school aged kids is very low (5%) compared to neighbouring non-catchment primary schools (13-15%). If this was implemented, chaperoned electric mini-buses could replace well over 100 cars. We know that we don't need to get rid of all the vehicles to dramatically reduce peak time congestion (Why? Find out here).

We would like Southwark Council to do the same as Wandsworth, and write electric bus provision into planning permission. We have written to request this from the councillors (we'll let you know how we get on), but in the meantime it would be helpful for local people to comment on both the applications.


We think that whether they expand pupil capacity or not is irrelevant. This is a lever for Southwark to reduce traffic and hit its targets, set out in its Streets For People strategy. We think it's worth saying;

  • The level of traffic caused by local non-catchment primary schools is very high and we would like the schools to do something in addition to their active travel measures.

  • We feel that primary school aged children that live over a mile away are not catered for, and an electric mini-bus service would be a good way to transport these children. Many parents have fed this back to us.

  • Data shows that most primary school children at local non-catchment schools in Dulwich live around 2 miles away from the school, which is too far for active travel, and should be accommodated by other forms of transport, such as electric mini-buses.

  • Government data shows that children who live over a mile away from their primary school are much more likely to drive to school.

Do look at our blog post here, for more information on why Dulwich schools should provide an electric mini-bus service. And add your own experiences - how your own school run may be detrimentally affected by the volume of non-catchment school traffic, evident by the huge reduction in private school holidays. Or how where you live is affected by bad driving, dangerous parking etc. Or how difficult it is getting your child to school without an age-appropriate, chaperoned bus service. We all have our own tales to tell! But please do link it to the provision of electric mini-buses, as we think this could be a solid way of reducing traffic for families who live beyond active travel distances.

Please do this as soon as possible, as the Dulwich Prep one has reached deadline, (but appears to still be open for comments) and the Jags one closes on January 29th. And let any family members, friends or neighbours who feel the same way do the same. Thank you!


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